VirtualBox is an open source virtualization solution bought up by Sun.

Moving VM to another computer Edit

Expand disk Edit

disk=file.vdi # Perhaps in ~/VirtualBox VMs/VMName/
size=20000 # In MB, so this would be ~20 GB

VBoxManage modifyhd $disk --resize $size

Convert a VMware VM Edit

NixCraft has a quick guide to converting a VMware image to Virtualbox.

Problems with getting the correct IP adress Edit

It is not uncommon with Virtualbox that you are getting an IP adresse in the 10.0.x.x range, even though your DHCP is on e.g. 172.x.x.x or 192.x.x.x to fix this problem shutdown your virtual machine. Go to settings for the network and change your network card adapter from being PC-NET to being an Intel Pro card. This will solve the problem.

External links Edit

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