Say we need to grew metadata size to 2048k:

* vgcfgbackup -v -f /path/to/file <vg_name>
* stop nfs server
* umount all LVs
* lvchange -an all LVs
* vgchange -an <vg_name>
* pvdisplay and note UUID and /dev/path
* pvcreate -ff --metadatasize 2048k [--metadatacopies 2] --uuid <UUID here> /dev/path
* vgcfgrestore -f /path/to/file -v <vg_name>
* pvs -o +pv_mda_free - just to check 
* vgchange -ay 
* lvchange -ay all LVs
* mount -a <vg_name>
* start nfs server

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