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This page should present you the Ubiquity command, if you have the extension installed and you don't have the command already.

Source code Edit

The code is saved in a .js file on this wiki. For security reasons, the .js files on the wiki are only editable by users with sysop access.

	names: ["openmoko", "omwi"],
	locale: "en-US",
	arguments: [ {role: "object", nountype: noun_arb_text, label: "search term"}],
	license: "MPL, GPLv2+, GFDL and/or (at your option) LGPLv2+",
	homepage: "",
	icon: "",
	preview: function(pblock, directObject) {
		var searchText = jQuery.trim(directObject.text);
		if(searchText.length < 1) {
			pblock.innerHTML = "Searches the Openmoko Wiki";
		var previewTemplate = "Searches the Openmoko Wiki for ${query}";
		var previewData = {query: searchText};
		pblock.innerHTML = CmdUtils.renderTemplate(previewTemplate, previewData);
	execute: function(args) {
		var searchText = jQuery.trim(args.object.text);
		var url = "";
		if(searchText=="") url += "Main_Page";
		else url += "Special:Search?search="+searchText+"&go=1";

TODO: Better preview on results (See: Todo list)

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