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This page should present you all the Ubiquity commands of The Sysadmin Wiki in one subscription, if you have the extension installed and you don't have the commands already.

  • Warning: Doesn't seem to work yet.

Source code Edit

The code is saved in a .js file on this wiki. For security reasons, the .js files on the wiki are only editable by users with sysop access.

function loadUbiquityCmd(cmds) {
	var cmd = cmds.pop();
	var validity = /^([a-z0-9_]*)$/i;
	cmd = cmd.replace(/ /g,'_');
	if(cmd != "" && validity.test(cmd)) {
		jQuery.get(''+cmd+'.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript', function(msg) {
			cmdSrc += msg;
			if(cmds.length>0) loadUbiquityCmd(cmds);
			else eval(cmdSrc);

var cmds = ['The Sysadmin Wiki','Debian package search'];
var cmdSrc = ;

var e = document.createElement('link');
e.rel = 'webpage-commands';
e.type = 'text/html';
e.href = ;

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