Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform email and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

ISO standard date format Edit

If you want the ISO standard date format (YYYY-MM-DD), then you can follow the date setting guide for Ubuntu.

Mimick Gmail Edit

If you're migrating from Gmail, use Gmail on the side or just like the way Gmail works, you might want to change Thunderbird to work more like Gmail.

Keyboard shortcuts Edit

How to set up Gmail-like keyboard shortcuts (inspired by a Teleogistic blog post):

user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_killThread", "][I][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_markJunk", "shift][!][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_markReadByDate", "meta shift][D][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_markThreadAsRead", "meta shift][R][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_newMessage", "][C][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_newMessage2", "meta shift][N][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_nextMsg", "][J][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_previousMsg", "][K][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_reply", "][R][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_replyall", "][A][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_forward", "][F][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_toggleMessagePane", "][V][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.xxx_key74_SwitchPaneFocus(event);", "][D][");
user_pref("keyconfig.main.key_archive", "][Y][");

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