Before creating any device to be available as an iSCSI device on your network, you first have to install some software to do that. So, let's do that right away.

Preliminary things to doEdit

As iSCSI target(server side) on Linux isn't still in a stable package, you have two choice to install it

  1. install it from the sources
  2. install it from an unstable repository

The official website to download the sources is here. I will, here, describe the way to install iSCSI target from an unstable repository, as it is simpler. So, as you have to install the package from an unstable repository, you have to tell to apt-get where is this new repository. You can do it by adding this line :

deb unstable/

to this file :


Then, do :

# apt-get update

And we, now, can install the packages.

Install necessary packagesEdit

So, first install this package :

# apt-get install iscsitarget-source

and then

# apt-get install iscsitarget

Surprise, you will probably get an error when installing the last package, the error is :

Starting iSCSI enterprise target service: FATAL: Module iscsi_trgt not found.
netlink fd
: Connection refused

If you didn't get it, you can now configure your iSCSI target here. Otherwise, read what follows.

The error is normal, because we still didn't build the module to use for iSCSI. So, let's do it. To install this new kernel module, you will need to install two packages :

# apt-get install module-assistant debhelper

And now, you are able to build the new kernel module to enable iSCSI target. Let's build the kernel module with this command :

# m-a a-i iscsitarget

If all goes properly, we, now, have to load this new kernel module. Let's do it with this command :

# modprobe iscsi_trgt

You can known configure your iSCSI target on Debian here.