Outlook is the e-mail client in the Microsoft Office package.

Blocked attachments Edit

Some attachments in Outlook may be blocked[1], giving the error message: "Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments". This can be fixed by whitelisting file extensions:

  • Open regedit, the registry editor
  • Browse to the following key (replace 11.0 with 12.0 for Outlook 2007):
  • Change or insert a string value called:
  • Set it to a semicolon-separated list of extensions to whitelist, e.g.:
  • Or you can set it to the complete list:
  • Restart outlook for the changes to take effect

How to change the fileas field for all contacts Edit

  • Microsoft KB269172
    • Claims to only work in outlook 2000, but it also works in outlook 2003, at least

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